• 20 pcs Selection
  • 20 pcs Selection
  • 20 pcs Selection

20 pcs Selection

10 860 HUF
(approx. 27.64 EUR)


20 pcs chocolate bonbon assortment with our full range-the Green and the Orange selection, containing all Academy of Chocolate winners. Our chocolate bonbons are made with real cream and butter with no added preservatives, so their shelflife is only 3 weeks. Colourants are not used either. All colours come from natural ingredients like paprika or Japanese green tea. Packed only in paper of which about 90% is recycled. No plastics.

Weight: 190g
Shelf life: 3 weeks

Acadamy of Chocolate Silver, Bronz 2009. 2011. and Academy of Chocolate Best Packaging Silver 2011

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