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Green Selection Bonbon Green Selection 3350 HUF pcs
Orange Selection Bonbon Orange Selection 3350 HUF pcs
20 pcs Selection Bonbon 20 pcs Selection 6145 HUF pcs
40 pcs Selection Bonbon 40 pcs Selection 11855 HUF pcs
1 pc giftbox Bonbon 1 pc giftbox 820 HUF pcs
4 pcs giftbox Bonbon 4 pcs giftbox 1555 HUF pcs
Chili truffles Truffle Chili truffles 3350 HUF pcs
Whole Ground Single-origin tablets Whole Ground 1960 HUF pcs
Sao Tome 75 Single-origin tablets Sao Tome 75 1960 HUF pcs
Mababu 75 Single-origin tablets Mababu 75 1960 HUF pcs
Peru 71 Single-origin tablets Peru 71 2450 HUF pcs
Chuao 73 Single-origin tablets Chuao 73 2450 HUF pcs
Small Gorilla Single-origin tablets Small Gorilla 1070 HUF pcs
Porcelana 71 Single-origin tablets Porcelana 71 2450 HUF pcs
Canoabo 72 Single-origin tablets Canoabo 72 1960 HUF pcs
Trincheras 70 Single-origin tablets Trincheras 70 1960 HUF pcs
Sur del Lago 84 Single-origin tablets Sur del Lago 84 1960 HUF pcs
Madagascar 72 Single-origin tablets Madagascar 72 1960 HUF pcs
Rio Caribe 76 Single-origin tablets Rio Caribe 76 1960 HUF pcs
Madagascar Criollo Single-origin tablets Madagascar Criollo 2450 HUF pcs
Puerto Cabello 74 Single-origin tablets Puerto Cabello 74 1960 HUF pcs
Chuno 72 Single-origin tablets Chuno 72 2450 HUF pcs
Cardamon Seasoned bars Cardamon 1690 HUF pcs
Hot paprika Seasoned bars Hot paprika 1690 HUF pcs
Lavender Seasoned bars Lavender 1690 HUF pcs
Black sesame seeds Seasoned bars Black sesame seeds 1795 HUF pcs
Chopped hazelnuts Seasoned bars Chopped hazelnuts 1795 HUF pcs
Cocoa nibs palinka Seasoned bars Cocoa nibs palinka 1990 HUF pcs
Green tablet Seasoned bars Green tablet 1990 HUF pcs
Caramelised lavender Seasoned bars Caramelised lavender 1990 HUF pcs
Crystal salt Seasoned bars Crystal salt 1685 HUF pcs
Nutmeg Seasoned bars Nutmeg 1685 HUF pcs
Almonds Seasoned bars Almonds 1675 HUF pcs
Cocoa nibs Seasoned bars Cocoa nibs 1675 HUF pcs
Matcha Seasoned bars Matcha 1690 HUF pcs
Gianduja Seasoned bars Gianduja 1795 HUF pcs
Pistachio Gianduja Seasoned bars Pistachio Gianduja 2275 HUF pcs
Olives and bread Seasoned bars Olives and bread 1690 HUF pcs
Mandarin Seasoned bars Mandarin 1690 HUF pcs
Masala Seasoned bars Masala 1690 HUF pcs
Peppermint Seasoned bars Peppermint 1690 HUF pcs
Bergamot rinds in chocolate Sailor Mustache Bergamot rinds in chocolate 3975 HUF pcs
Lemon rinds in chocolate Sailor Mustache Lemon rinds in chocolate 3975 HUF pcs
Orange rinds in chocolate Sailor Mustache Orange rinds in chocolate 3975 HUF pcs
Rusty chocolate tools Rusty tools Rusty chocolate tools 6955 HUF pcs
Lavender hot chocolate Hot chocolate Lavender hot chocolate 2400 HUF pcs
Hot paprika Hot chocolate Hot paprika 2400 HUF pcs
Spicy Hot chocolate Spicy 2400 HUF pcs
Plain Hot chocolate Plain 2400 HUF pcs
Hazelnuts with ginger Dragees Hazelnuts with ginger 2495 HUF pcs
Coffe beans Dragees Coffe beans 2165 HUF pcs
Almonds with salt Dragees Almonds with salt 2165 HUF pcs
Milk chocolate 50% Children's Milk chocolate 50% 1040 HUF pcs
Cocoa beans Cocoa butter, cocoa beans Cocoa beans 1120 HUF pcs
Chocolate Macaron Items of interest Chocolate Macaron 300 HUF pcs
Chocolate box Items of interest Chocolate box 3490 HUF pcs
Sushi chocolate bar Spring Sushi chocolate bar 1990 HUF pcs